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[To curb the "waste on the tongue" CD re-force]
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July 17, the Chinese Cuisine Association, the China Hotel Association in Beijing jointly issued an initiative to promote the catering industry in-depth "to carry out thrift, against food waste" work.
According to the China Cuisine Association President Jiang Junxian introduced in 2013, the national top-down to carry out the "effort to save, against extravagance and waste" and "CD-ROM action" since the whole society has significantly improved awareness of conservation. The catering industry will carry out thrift as an important part of professional ethics, with remarkable achievements over the years, but "waste on the tongue" is still objective.
At present, the "waste on the tongue" is mainly reflected in the following forms: social dining dinner banquet waste, hotel buffet, group meal consumption and the remaining food waste, rural weddings and funerals to marry and so on. Chinese Cuisine Association asked the catering business from my start, the thrift as the entry point of work, increase energy conservation and deepening the efforts to enhance the level of enterprise management, to find a long-term solution.
Chinese Cuisine Association called on the catering enterprises to actively respond to the Ministry of Commerce, the Central Civilization Office on the "hard to fight against food and beverage waste," the call, and around four aspects of the majority of catering enterprises to launch initiatives to guide the catering enterprises to carry out thrift and reduce " ", The implementation of" CD-ROM action. "
First, the implementation of social responsibility. Catering enterprises should consciously implement the savings into the food production, processing, service the whole process, full savings, reduce food waste; food attendants to comply with professional ethics, to remind consumers to order meals.
Second, to develop conservation habits. To the vast number of consumers to promote the conservation of glory, a waste of shameful consumption concept, to abandon a good face, talk about bad habits, reduce feast, buffet waste.
Third, scientific and civilized dining. Reasonable adjustment of the number of dishes, weight, promotion of sub-meal system, take the initiative to provide small dishes, half of the dishes, to guide consumers to actively package, advocate "CD action."
Fourth, establish the industry new wind Will implement the conservation as a normal development of the catering industry an important task, so that "cherish food, the remaining package, to eliminate waste" consumption concept enjoys popular support.
Jiang Junxian said that the next step, the Chinese Cuisine Association will carry out in the industry to carry out conservation, against the waste of action guide work, the development of industry service standards, the implementation of conservation, against waste into the formal service procedures. Focus on the waste of the catering industry to carry out targeted research work, research not only to find the problem, but also actively seek solutions and found that you can learn from the experience in the food industry to promote reform. To carry out the conservation, against waste as a constant unremitting work, through the industry service training and catering vocational colleges in the education work, in the whole industry to establish a "saving, against waste" full consciousness.
China Cuisine Association will also be the typical experience of the industry, in particular, to promote the experience to promote the focus of publicity to point to guide the catering business to save the practice, against the waste of work in place, the formation of a good standard operating mechanism; to promote the industry thrifty level Enhance the system and fine management level of the upgrade, promote the sustainable development of the industry.
Three-dimensional attack all-round to curb waste
It is understood that this is the second time this year, China Cooking Association to the whole industry issued a "CD action" industry initiative.
In 2013, the central government issued a "push for thrifty, against extravagance and waste" call. 4 years, the Chinese Cuisine Association continued to pay attention to the implementation of the catering industry to carry out the situation, in March this year, the Chinese Cuisine Association in accordance with the catering industry to implement the outstanding aspects of conservation problems, combined with industry restructuring and supply side structure adjustment and other aspects of the actual work, The whole industry issued a "CD-ROM action" industry initiative, called on catering enterprises to all employees will save awareness and efficiency of enterprises combined with organic, to put an end to food waste action.
Food and beverage companies around the implementation of practicing thrift, in the processing of cutting, cooking products, food services, garbage disposal and other links, publicity and guidance, food research and development, incentives and other measures simultaneously, three-dimensional attack, all-encompassing " waste":
Strengthen the internal control to enhance management in the procurement, processing, cutting, cooking and other aspects of rational use of raw materials, reduce the cost of food products, reduce waste of raw materials; establish an effective mechanism for scientific treatment of food waste, the use of advanced technology and equipment to reduce food waste; Energy-saving transformation, the use of energy-saving equipment to reduce water and electricity consumption, reduce or avoid the use of disposable appliances. In the personnel management, to strengthen internal training, to carry out staff thrifty awareness education and reasonable ordering, packing reminders and other service skills training.
Cooking dishes and the number of dishes, such as the implementation of business meal "sub-meal system", or according to the number of consumers to provide optional packages, etc .; for the consumption of food and beverage, Provide half a serving, small vegetable service. In addition to meat dishes, you can point "half a meal"; Shanghai Little South Garden Hotel buffet part of the dishes to provide small dishes, to encourage consumers to eat how much to take. There are also food and beverage enterprises will be divided into large, medium and small models to meet the needs of different dining numbers. For example, barbecue meat is divided into large, medium and small three kinds of dishes, the height of the dishes and the price ratio of 2: 1.5: 1, two to three meals when the small disk can meet the demand; four to eight people dining, Choose the plate is right; eight or more select the broader market. And Quanjude is separated from the 7-inch disk and 9-inch dish, the former dish is about half of the latter, more suitable for the following four consumers. After such a breakdown, food waste reduced by 3 percent.
Reminders to promote a lot of food and beverage companies to enhance store publicity, to encourage consumers to package the remaining meals, and provide packaging equipment. Beijing Huatian, shrimp shrimp shrimp, Shanghai Xiao Nanguo and so will be in the restaurant lobby where the obvious place "to implement", "moderate meal", "CD action" picture logo, also provides packaging services. As a result, Beijing old and the same home and the kitchen garbage reduced by nearly 50%.
Service optimization experience upgrade Many food and beverage enterprises to the customer express food weight, put forward a reasonable mix of dishes advice, and take the initiative to remind customers to order meals, to avoid waste. Dazhong set up a special point of the instructor, according to the number of guests, dining form, do a good meal before the reasonable recommendations. After ordering, the pointkeeper also with the guests to confirm the menu, to avoid the wrong dishes or missing the special requirements of guests and vegetables caused by waste. Quanjude a la carte attendant will be based on the number of dining guests, the number of suggested a la carte, if two or three people dining, it is recommended that guests point half of the roast duck.
Group meal to become a waste of disaster areas
Since 2013, the social catering to mass consumption as the leading, most of the catering enterprises through incentives to promote customer savings, to provide half a meal, the right point meal reminders, after dinner packaging and other services, and most consumers have increased awareness of thrift, "Left feast" less, "CD" more. According to the China Cuisine Association survey, before 2013, a well-known brand dinner business box business, family dinner only about 30%, and in the central eight provisions, the family, family and friends accounted for more than 70%, consumer awareness Also generally stronger than before, generally ask whether the amount of meal is appropriate, after meals or will be active or reminded to request packaging. The waste on the table was largely suppressed. It is estimated that the food and beverage industry in Wuhan restaurant food waste rate from 15% in 2013 fell to the current 6%.
At present, China's food waste has changed, but still not optimistic. The end of November 2016, according to the Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Geographic Sciences and Resources published by the survey results show that 2013 to 2015, China's food and beverage waste is about 17 million to 18 million tons per year, equivalent to 30 million to 50 million people A year of rations. For the "tip of the waste" in several forms, the Chinese Cuisine Association vice president Feng Enyuan interview with this reporter said that at present, as people's living standards continue to improve, family dinner, friends and family dinner and other waste on the table sign. Moreover, wedding banquet feast and other feast is still serious. Some is because the quality of dishes is difficult to be satisfactory, especially in the form of tables; many local traditional dishes on the number of dishes required too much, you must have a few dishes can be a few bowls; also some blindly ordering, resulting in a large number of dishes can be consumed, The dishes are no one moving chopsticks.
Hotel buffet waste is common. Many buffet catering enterprises reflect the guests get too much food but eat the phenomenon is very common, consumers "big appetite" habit to be corrected. Catering enterprises lack the effective means of restraint on consumer waste, can only rely on consumer consciousness.
Rural weddings and marriages are big and wasteful. There are many traditional local customs in rural areas, every time when the wedding funeral and marriage, many places there have been rural kitchen team, specifically to undertake rural banquet. According to the survey, Guangdong Shunde a rural kitchen team a year to undertake 50,000 seats. The development potential of rural catering market is huge. "In the large-scale dating activities such as weddings and funerals, the local people are more serious than the psychological comparisons, and pay attention to the pomp, if the food on the table is eaten, will appear to be entertained, not enough style, so the waste is very prominent. Advocacy, catering enterprises should be based on the development of rural catering market characteristics to explore new business model.
In recent years, the group meal in the restaurant industry in the position of the gradual increase in the momentum of rapid development, and the group meal has become a hardest food waste, the resulting waste of food can not be underestimated, especially colleges and universities, institutions and enterprises canteen, civil aviation Railway feeding and so on. In a travel on the way, due to improper meal time, more than 280 passengers have more than 50 people did not eat, more than 50 have been reheated air meal was wasted. This is Feng Renhui shortly before personally experienced one thing. His analysis of the reasons for the waste of meals is mainly two aspects: First, by the group meal itself, the business model of the decision. In the case can not be accurately informed in advance of the number of meals and consumer needs of the case can only be estimated and to prepare for this, "rather than less", causing meals often too much waste; the other is the waste generated by canteen diners , The underlying reason is that government subsidies caused by food prices and market decoupling caused.
It is understood that the campus for the "tip of the waste", colleges and universities are actively looking for ways. Some of the college cafeteria through the introduction of "half a meal", out of the fine menu, etc., the food is divided into different weight and price, to facilitate the students of the students Election with the help of large data, social software and other modern technology means, both to reduce waste in the restaurant, but also reduce the kitchen waste.
In order to avoid waste of banquet, catering enterprises in the customer booking banquet will try to recommend the appropriate dishes and dishes. In addition, it is recommended that the restaurant to provide supplementary behavior, in the process of 70% of the meal, to remind consumers whether the need to add some food, so that both consumers can meet the normal meal needs, nor will the table appear more Of the residual food.
The need for social co-governance
In order to find a long-term solution to curb tongue waste, the Chinese Cuisine Association has recently conducted research on the focus areas of campus catering, tourism, catering, business and wedding banquets, airports and other wasted areas, and extracted the industry experience and suggestions:
First, change the way food and beverage development, to promote business green low-carbon.
Catering enterprises to do a good job of food, energy saving, water conservation, materials, land and comprehensive utilization of resources, advocate "green food" to speed up the construction of conservation-oriented catering. Encourage catering enterprises to change the way of development, and promote enterprises to lower carbonization development path, advocate and encourage catering enterprises to take water, energy and other environmental protection to help new technology and equipment, reduce the use or non-use of waste, environmental pollution, The At the same time, from the procurement of food and beverage links to strengthen the quantitative budget, reduce the inventory of ingredients, make the full use of ingredients and raw materials semi-finished products after processing re-use, reduce kitchen waste.
Beijing Urban Management Committee survey shows that the current annual output of about 80 million tons of Beijing kitchen utensils, equivalent to 2,200 tons per day, is expected to reach 1.06 million tons in 2020, equivalent to 2900 tons per day, the number of shocking. It is proposed to further study the specific composition of food waste, sorting and effective conversion and utilization, government departments to take the lead in the promotion of public food waste disposal equipment in situ conversion applications, especially the application of food district; recycling channels open and transparent, Avoid eating the kitchen rubbish again to the table.
Second, provide a reasonable amount of food.
Dining banquet can reduce the share, the number, reduce the large bowl; bulk use of small weight, the introduction of the amount of family dinner products, etc .; attention to consumers during the meal to add dishes, take the initiative to introduce simple processing of food to add food and timely fill.
Third, guide consumers to moderate meals.
Increase consumer awareness awareness guide, continue to promote civilized dining, from the root cause to eliminate waste.
Feng Enyuan said that in the social restaurant, to guide consumers to improve the moral standards of saving meals, education, eating people can not eat with the go is not scientific practice. On the one hand, the catering business to provide the packaging service is also an invisible waste, on the other hand, the remaining food after the package if there is improper handling of food safety risks. According to the survey, Beijing, a Sichuan flavor restaurant chain business package costs up to 400 million a year, after the abandoned lunch box garbage increased environmental pollution.
Cafeteria to ease the guidance of the main, set up eye-catching reminders to guide consumers to eat how much, how much to take a moderate, not enough to take the meal habits, to correct the "big appetite" bad habits, the establishment of effective means of restraint , To enhance consumer awareness and put into action. Dining table to add a small amount of ground on the ground, improve product quality, timely detection of low selection of products and control the production and processing, and actively adjust.
Group meal service to strengthen the menu design, scientific arrangements for centralized dining services to encourage colleges and universities to open up the market, civil aviation railway catering to provide accurate services to further meet consumer demand, reduce the group meal leftovers.
Fourth, establish the industry typical, to strengthen the demonstration and guidance.
To promote the implementation of the implementation of regular changes in efficiency, selection and publication of the implementation of civilized units, and catering brand promotion, industry evaluation and so on, increase publicity and promotion, vigorously carry forward the thrift of traditional Chinese virtues, publicity and glory, wasteful shameful Ideas, play a typical demonstration and the role of advanced guidance.
July 17, the railway sector in the provincial and planned cities in the seat of the 27 major high-speed rail passenger station, the introduction of EMU train Internet booking service. Jiang Junxian on behalf of the Chinese Cuisine Association the first time statement: This is not only for the passengers to provide a convenient, accurate ordering service, greatly enriched the optional menu is no longer limited to the railway sector self-produced meals, but also to protect the food safety, Building an open, shared economic development concept of a strong embodiment. He said that the current society is highly concerned about the "tip of the waste" problem, the railway meal market reform and opening up will also help to ease the waste of railway meals, promote the thrift of traditional virtues, promote the formation of green lifestyle, but also "Food trip" new attempt.
Jiang Junxian look forward to further opening up the future aviation, universities, construction sites and other groups meal market, to better meet the general needs of consumers, food and beverage services to promote scientific and sustainable development, enhance people's satisfaction with the public service level. Jiang Jun
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