Saltine crackers Machine

  • Wafer biscuit production line, wafer biscuit production equipment, including: 400,600,1000 three, that is the main working width respectively 400,600,1000mm, the largest production capacity were middle class 2 tons, 4 tons, seven tons. Far infrared heating, superconducting liquid heating, gas baking, temperature-controlled adjustable, belt drive, variable speed, water production. The main single are: tune powder machine, laminating machine, roll-cut or roll printing molding machine, sugar and salt spreaders, tunnel oven, 1800 turning machines, injection machine, cooling conveyor, sorting machine and the like. We can produce all kinds of cakes, toughness, ultra-thin, soda, sandwich high, medium and low-grade products.
    BC series biscuit production equipment main technical parameters
    Project / specifications 4006001000
    Saltine crackers maximum production capacity (kg / h) 250 500 900
    Saltine crackers major work width (mm) 400 600 1000
    Saltine crackers capacity (KW) of about 100-250 about 220-400 about 400-700
    Saltine crackers Dimensions (M) 45 (straight) × 1.0 × 1.5 80 (straight) × 1.6 × 1.6 100 (straight) × 2.0 × 2.0
    Saltine crackers Weight (t) 8-10 15-18 25-30
    Saltine crackers operator (person) 5-810-1212-15

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